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§ 1. General provisions

1. Terms and conditions defining the rules for using the internet service which is on the internet URL:

2. The owner, administrator and editor of the website is Sportlive Corporation.


§ 2. Definitions

Following definitions are not strict definitions. They are only showing some of the concepts which appear in this document.

1. Service - internet service (website) named "OddsLiveSport" located in internet at URL:

2. Registration - Creating an account at the service by fullfil the registration form.

3.Registration form - subpage where users can register an account. There are fields that user need to fulfill with proper data. Not all fields in the registration form are required to fill out. Some of them are optional and you may or may not fulfill them. Necessary fields are marked with an asterisk (star).

4.Confirmation of registration - this is a process of confirming and verifing your data (particularly e-mail address). It involves sending an e-mail from to e-mail address provided by the user during registration. Message contains an activation link. After clicking on that link the confirmation of registration is completed and you can open your account.

5, User - each person that using the service, both registered and unregistered in the


§ 3. Registration and personal data

1. Service allows users to create an account at the website. Registration is optional but creating one is recommended. To use most of the website's services registration is not required.

2. During registration the user fills out the registration form located at the website's URL: by entering data in appropriate fields. During registration the user declars that he is familliar with the terms and conditions and privacy policy and is committed to respect the rules.

3. In addition to basic information such as e-mail and login, user may fill out the data about his name and surname, date of birth and others. Adding this information to an account is optional. Those information are specially protected by the service and its owner. The rules of their protection are determined in the Privacy Policy.

4. To complete the registration you need to verify your email adress from registration form. System will send you a message with confirmation link. You need to click the link to properly complete the registration process.

5. reserves the right to send an email to Users with reminder of completing the registration process. Messages are sent before deleting unconfirmed account form service database. Reminders are sent after 7 days from registration in

6. Unconfirmed Users accounts are removed from the database 14 days after sending a reminder with confirmation link.

7. According to act of law about Personal Data Protection (Dz. U. of 2002. No. 101, poz. 926 ze zm.) every User of service have the right to edit or delete the data and his account.

8. The only visible data of Users account for other Users are login/nick. Any other information are not openly published on the service

9. For the reason of security and anti-spam policy usernames and nicknames containing offensive words are prohibited. Logins containing email adress or website adress are also prohibited.

10. For their own security Users should keep in secret all access data to account.

11. One person can create and use only one account. Logins from Totolotek, Sportingbet and Oddsring accounts which are given in registration process at can be used only once (to one account). We will verify logins at the momment of giving awards to Users. We will verify whether Usere won previously with other account connected to the same Totolotek/Sportingbet/Oddsring account.


§ 4. Publishing of the content by the User

1. The service allows registered Users to post their own content and comment on posts on the site.

2. The User posting any content on should pay attention to their compatibility with the Terms of Service and the rules of good education and netiquette.

3. Places on the service where Users can posts their content are comments under the articles and the shoutbox.

4. By publishing any content on, you declare that you have full copyright to it or full right for dissemination of this content and takes full responsibility for the accuracy of this content.

5. Users are prohibited from posting in comments or shoutbox the phone numbers, messenger numbers and home addresses.

6. In all content posted by users it is forbidden to promote hate on the social, racial or religious background, use of words commonly regarded as offensive and incitement to commit a crime. In addition, political agitation and religious activity are forbidden.

7. It is forbidden to place any commercial and other commercial material.

8. In the add-ticket system you can add only available events.

9. Violating of the User's posting rules may result in temporary blocking or deletion of the account, as well as blocking the use of the service.

10. In extreme cases, if a User publishes commercial material, including advertising, links to affiliate programs and other loyalty programs, the owner of this website will request a refund, non-financial, or financial equivalent value from the User.


§ 5. Terms of using the service

1. By using, each user agrees to obey the law, particularly the privacy laws and personal privacy of others, these rules, netiquette rules, and to use and all of its functions in accordance with their purpose. The use of techniques and devices that interfere with the work of the service and its IT infrastructure are forbidden.

2. does not charge users for using service.

3. has the right to send every registered user to his or her email address important information about the site's activity and commercial content, but they are sent no more than once a week and up to four times a month. You can not opt ​​out of receiving this kind of mail with having an account on the site.

4. Every user who wants to participate in the contest must have a registered account at Totolotek bookmaker (Don't have an account? Sign up here and enter login in your profile when you log in), Sportingbet (Don't have an account? Sign up here and enter login in your profile when you log in), Oddsring (Don't have an account? Sign up here and enter login in your profile when you log in), SekaBet (Don't have an account? Sign up here and enter login in your profile when you log in).

5. Each registered user receives a one-time virtual money = 1000, with can immediately start a virtual game. Each time you sign in, you add 50 to 250 units to your account with game credits. (Day 1 = 50, day 2 = 100, day 3 = 150, day 4 = 200, day 5 = 250 units, every day after 6 days are logged every day! Only the first login on gives you a money.

6. We reserve the right to revoke the Users bet when:

- The bet was accepted on incorrect odds (obviously erroneous) caused by the error of the bookmaker. In this case, the bet will be refunded to the player's account.

- The sports event that the bet was held was earlier or later than indicated on our website from the bookmaker. In this case, the bet will be refunded to the player's account.

- In the case when a User use more than once the system error to play at the wrong odds, our administration will settle such bet as a loss.


§ 6. Participation in the contest for the best tipster of the month

1. Regulations and details of the competition are available on the subpage - Information and rules of the contest for the typer of the month

§ 7. Participation in the contest for the best tipsters of the week

1. Terms and details of the contest are available on the subpage - Information and rules of the contest for tipster of the week

§ 8. Participate in the contest for the best ticket of the week

1. Regulations and details of the contest available on the subpage - Information and rules of the contest for the best ticket of the week

§ 9. Participation in the contest for the best ticket of the month

1. Terms and details of the competition available on the subpage - Information and rules of the contest for the best ticket of the month


§ 10. Responsibility of the parties

1. The owner of is not responsible for the actions of Users and in particular for violating of personal rights and copyrights of other Users or third parties.

2. The owner of the site is not responsible for the failure to use and / or its functions due to any obstruction that is beyond the control of the owner, especially the provider of internet access services, hosting services and others.

3. The owner reserves the right to discontinue access to, especially for technical reasons.

4. The owner is not responsible for any material and non-material damages incurred by the User as a result of using

5. The website owner is not responsible for the content of external websites and other materials that they link to the site. The editorial staff makes great effort to regularly check the websites linked to our site, but they are not responsible for the content of other sites and for any material.

6. For violating of the regulations the can send to User a warning message, suspend a user temporarily to access his or her account, and even delete an account.

7. For the purposes of preventing spam and other unwanted content, may censor certain words, websites or any other content so that is not possible for them to be published on the site.


§ 10. Terms of service

1. The website is developed and managed in Polish. His message is addressed to Polish-speaking customers residing in countries where the use of the content contained in the service is legal. Browsing these sites is permitted only for users in jurisdictions where advertising and membership in gambling is legal. By using the service, Users ensure administrators that advertising and participation in gambling is legal within its jurisdiction and is fully responsible to administrators for the truthfulness of the provided statement.


11. Final provisions

1. By using, you ensure that you have read and agree to this Terms of Use and agree to obey it.

2. The rules apply to all Users of the service - both registered (subscribers to and unregistered Users who visit

3. The owner of the site reserves the right to change the provisions of this regulation at any time. Possible changes to the rules come into force at the time of their announcement. Users are subject to the current Terms and Conditions, which can always be found on this site.

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