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1. What you need to do to take part in competition?

To take part in competition you need to register an account at and create an account at sponsor's websites.

2. I registered an account but I can't log in.

If you complete registration, you need to activate your profile by clicking link in the e-mail.

3. I haven't received an e-mail with activation link.

Wait few more minutes. Check SPAM folder. If message doesn't apear contact us by e-mail: kontakt [at]

4. Where I need to enter login/ID/e-mail from my bookmaker account?

In "edit profile".

5. I can't log in. Can you remind me my password?

Yes. All you need is click into "forget password".

6.  How to place a ticket?

You need to find interesting game, choose your bet. Then your bet will be automaticaly added to your ticket. After you place all bets you need to confirm your ticket by clicking "Place a ticket".

7. How to find interesting sport event?

You have three options.

1. Choose discipline on the left side of our website and choose event from the list.

2. You can also choose discipline, then choose league/cup and search for interesting event.

3. Use "Search" at the top of our website.

8. When my ticket will be settled?

We're trying to settle tickets as fast as we can. It's difficult to set a precise date. In most cases it's less then hour after end of an event. Sometimes evening and morning events are settle after few hours.

9. When the week or month competition will be settled?

Every competition is settle to the 7th day of next month. For example: if you are waiting for results of December's competition, you will get it about 7th of January.

10. When I can expect receiving an award?

Deposit will be added to your account in few days after the competition is settle.

11. Do I need to have deposit at sponsor's (bookmaker) website before I get award?

The conditions are different and individual for every bookmaker. You can find precise informations in subpages of every competition.

12. How many tickets I need to place to take part in competition?

It depends of specific requirements of every sponsor. You can find precise informations in subpages of every competition.

13. Can I get additional money to play with?

Every new player gets free amount of virtual cash. In addition, every logging will give you from 50 to 250 units (1. day =50, 2. day=100, 3. day=150, 4. day=200, 5. day=250 units and next after everyday logging. You will get additional cash only for first logging of the day.

14. I don't get money for every logging in.

System adds money only for first logging in of the day.

15. Why event on my ticket has been canceled?

There is a lot of probable reasons. The event has been canceled or held.  Retired game in tennis is also settle as a canceled. There is also chance that event took place in other day.

16. How you create the ranking?

Every competition ranking is individual. It is based on Yield, profit or account balance. Look at the subpage of competition to get more information.

17. What does "B's" symbol means?

It means the number of bookmakers offering odds on this event.

18. How you are creating the ranking of "Player of the week" competition?

Ranking is based on every players Yield.

19. How you are creating the ranking of "Player of the month" competition?

Ranking is based on account balance of every player.

20. What is Yield?

This is ratio between amount of cash that you won to amount of cash that you put in bet.

21. When the awards apear on players account at bookmaker?

Information about winners are sent to bookmakers about 7th day of next month. Then bookmakers will verify results. After this they will add awards to your account in few days.

22. What about retired games in tennis?

They are settled as a canceled which means calculated by odds 1.00.

23. I haven't found answer to my question. What should I do?

In this case you should contact us by e-mail: kontakt [at]

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